My Story

The Broth Pot

I have always led an active lifestyle, enjoying a variety of sports and outdoor activities which were certainly more enjoyable when I was in good physical shape! Nutrition always played a part in who I was, but it took years and becoming a mother to begin closing the link between nutrition and physical wellbeing.

In 2006 began my professional wellness career at Your Wellness Connection in Shawnee, KS. As part of this new journey, I decided to attend The Institute of Integrated Nutrition; a program associated with Columbia University that focused on nutrition as a means of healing and care. One of the provided books was a cookbook called “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon;. At the time the cookbook was very overwhelming because everything in it was made from scratch. Despite my angst, I began pursuing a cleaner, more natural, and non-processed approach to cooking.

A foundation to many of the recipes seemed to be some type of stock or broth so in 2012, I started to make my own bone broth for use in recipes, and for direct consumption to benefit my own health and wellbeing. “Natural Traditions” provided some information on how to make bone broth, but for me it just did not work. Through much trial and error and a variety of different bones and cooking processes I was able to develop a product that is high in nutrition and great tasting! Today, I use the broth for my own cooking of soups, stews, grains , etc. In addition, the broth has incredible healing benefits and I have used it for myself and others to help alleviate and heal a variety of health issues and trauma.

In 2015 Dr. Michelle Robin, the owner of Your Wellness Connection was hit by a vehicle while cycling. As part of her overall healing protocol we used bone broth to help heal her injuries. The impact was almost immediate and significant as the high nutrient value and collagen were literally helping to rebuild damaged bone and muscle. Dr. Robin, being a successful entrepreneur suggested I partner with someone to help them make broth to sell. At that moment, I decided to make this my own business venture and founded The Broth Pot. The Broth Pot is focused on making high quality broths that can help aid in healing a variety of health issues or can be used as part of an overall healthy cooking plan. The benefits are undeniable and can help anyone improve their overall wellness.

My hope is that it can be part of your own wellness plan and it can give you comfort in knowing that you are nourishing yourself with a product that is made with love.